We’ve Got Some Drinking to Do, America!

According to figures released today by Statista, the average adult in Finland drinks more than 3 ½ cups of coffee a day. That more than triples the amount of coffee consumed by the average adult in the U.S. As with so many things, our hope of catching up rests in the hands of our children. […]

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A New Elvis Presley Record

Is there a new Elvis Presley record? Not exactly. However, RCA/Legacy Recordings is releasing new material from Elvis Presley’s last recording session, which took place in the Graceland’s den. Aptly named Way Down In The Jungle Room, the album includes master recordings, remixed outtakes, and in-studio conversations. All-in-all, Way Down In The Jungle Room seems […]

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Pizza Bomb

If the Korean Pizza Bomb existed before we wrote What Every Child Needs To Know About Pizza, we did not know about it or we would have included it for certain.

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Duane Eddy

We did not mention Duane Eddy in What Every Child Needs To Know About Elvis Presley for two reasons. The first is that the great Scotty Moore is the guitarist on our favorite Elvis hits, not Duane Eddy. The second is that Duane Eddy did not really back Elvis until just this year. That is […]

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Big in Canada

Anthony Michael Hall’s character in Breakfast Club is adamant that he is worthy of affection. Citing a foreign girlfriend, Brian says, “She lives in Canada. I met her at Niagara Falls. You wouldn’t know her.” Well, we have always believed that What Every Child Needs To Know About Pizza is worthy of affection, that affection […]

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About Punk Rock

Writing our Punk Rock book was difficult. Not that writing any of our titles has been easy, but we felt special pressure to get that one right. Could we capture the spirit of punk rock in just 11 board book spreads? Would grown up fans of punk rock approve and use the book to introduce […]

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Improving Literacy…and Pizza

Robert, Marc, and I wanted to write books that we would read to our own daughters, so it is thrilling (and a little humbling) to be highlighted in a news story encouraging all parents to read to their children…from our quirky books. CBS 5 – KPHO

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On the 60th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s first single, “That’s All Right,” Brad appeared on KTVK’s Good Morning Arizona to discuss our What Every Child Needs To Know About Elvis Presley board book. We hope the book will help to create the next generation of Elvis fans. It is available at your local, independent bookseller, via major, […]

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A Book, Not An Apple, A Day

The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP)  published a policy statement earlier this week that lays out the developmental benefits of routinely reading aloud with young children, including infants.  AAP recommends that pediatricians counsel parents that reading aloud with young children “can enrich parent-child interactions and relationships, which enhances their children’s social- emotional development while building brain circuits to prepare children […]

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It’s hip to be square

We have used many adjectives to describe our square little books, such as “colorful,” “honest,” and “occasionally snarky.” However, we have not thought of them as “trendy.” That is until now. MomTrends, the authority on all things fashionable for mothers, posted a wonderful video review of the books. Please watch it here. Thanks, MomTrends. Trendy? We’re […]

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