Mitä Jokainen Lapsi Tarvitsee Tietää Kahvi

That is “What Every Child Needs To Know About Coffee” in Finnish. At least according to Google Translate. Why? Well, turns out that the Finns, and many of their Northern European neighbors, love coffee. And we mean really love coffee.

We decided to write a book that explains coffee to young children because it features so prominently in the lives of adults. But as Euromonitor data demonstrate, we Americans are hardly the most avid coffee drinkers in the world. (See a summary of the data on Quartz here.) Residents of the Netherlands and Finland, for example, consume 2.5- and 2-times as much coffee, respectively, as Americans do.

So perhaps we should start working on Dutch and Finnish (and Swedish and Danish…) translations of What Every Child Needs To Know About Coffee