One of our goals in creating the What Every Child Needs To Know books was to help start conversations about difficult topics. Recently, we were able to do just that with Danica Davidson of MTV.com.

Our conversation with her was wonderful, as is the article she wrote.

She framed the interview around advice for young people about dealing with a loved one who has cancer. The 5 points we drafted flow directly from our What Every Child Needs To Know About Cancer book. They are:

1. Do not be ashamed of your feelings

2. Know that everyone with cancer experiences it differently

3. Take care of yourself

4. Remember that you cannot catch cancer from another person

5. Take notes

OK. Points 3 and 5 are not in the board book, per se. Precisely speaking, preschoolers cannot take care of themselves. Furthermore, they are horrible note takers. Still, we think these points are implied.